January 30, 2006

If Music be the Food of Love

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My family gathered around the instruments and made Music together last night. I’m blessed with a bunch of relatives who appreciate and love music as much as I do. Despite initial incongruent notes and off -rhythm, timing, melodies, keys, chords (you name it), eventually they weaved together and our jamming-cum-worship session was beautiful.

The piano was my first instrument, and it ought to, logically speaking, be my baby and respond immediately under the command of my (deft) fingers. But it isn’t. Only recently have my compositions made more use of the keyboard’s flow.

The acoustic guitar became a favourite, a companion, a buddy, a partner in crime. The mobility of the guitar and the conjured-up images of Janis Joplin and Joan Baez in their activist days helped to fuel my love for the guitar. This is also when I started composing music and songs.

The bass guitar was my instrument of choice way back in the days of our all-girl band. As we performed in the Battle Of the Bands 8 years ago, I attempted to learn it on my own. Recently, however, I’ve learnt to appreciate bass lines in songs and it just digs deep into your core when you listen to an experienced and innovative bassist.

The drums was something I picked up for fun, and have since played properly only a couple of times. But if it’s one thing I can do naturally, it’s percussion. I love any form of a good beat – Lion Dance drums (which is incidentally playing a distance away), Kompangs in Dikir Barat, a good drum solo, or a host of percussion bonggols, tin drums and the like.

It’s always been a dream to yet again be part of a performing band, to do music together with those equally as passionate about it. To work hard at something that I believe can send messages across to people. But I suffer from lack of discipline and have failed to master any of the above jack-trades.

Perhaps one day the dream will come true.



  1. Oon Yeoh said,

    Hey, Trish…. to be able to play all those instruments and to be able to play music by ear are already great achievements. Keep playing, keep composing, keep your dream alive. Dreams do come true.

  2. claire said,

    i totally understand your desire to be part of a band. it really allows you to hone your own skill and to do stuff you just can’t playing solo.. i miss that too. anyway, lets hope it happens for you!

  3. Trish said,

    Music will always be a part of my life. My dream is not to ensure commercial success, I suppose. If yes, that’s great. But it is fulfilling itself to make music together with people. The crisp intertwining. 🙂

    I agree claire, and band playing teaches you teamwork. It’s like sports, where you get to see the best and worst in people. Band playing is a different ballgame from solo playing. I hope it happens for me too 😉

  4. ordsone said,

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