February 12, 2006

The Socio-Political Realm

Posted in Malaysia at 10:20 pm by egalitaria

I quite unexpectedly bumped into an old friend of mine in a work-related day seminar the other day. We were two amongst the very small group of Malaysian Postgraduate students at the University of Warwick, and it was quite a surprise to see her, much less to find out her interests were similar to mine. We are thinking of taking part in this competition!

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation invites all young Malaysians to enter a project competition on “Young Socio-Political Entrepreneurs”. We would like to encourage you to create a project on a matter that you think should be placed as top concern in your society. The project proposal should aim to promote the openness of the Malaysian society and should seek to achieve one of the following objectives: liberal democracy, market economy, privatisation, human rights, free society and social responsibility, the rule of law, freedom of information and freedom of expression.

Will be thinking and brainstorming on issues to write about. I shall update on what our conclusion is later. Right now we are thinking of focusing on social responsibility. Much research and work to be done!

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