February 20, 2006

Caught in the Web

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I admit it. I’m hooked on the Internet. It’s impossible to get anything done without connection to that World Wide Web that offers communication and information, both necessary for work and pleasure. Computers and servers down at the workplace and home have made me frustrated. More importantly, how crucial it has been to facilitating efficient work.

How many of you are caught in the web? If you are, there’s a way out! Check out the Center for Online and Internet Addiction. But while I jest, I understand how this is becoming a real disease of the 21st Century.

Internet addiction is a type of compulsive disorder that can impact individuals, couples, and families.  Based upon clinical research, the disorder can impact those who also suffer from depression, anxiety-related disorders, relationships problems, and other addictive behaviors. To provide assistance for individuals, partners, and parents in crisis, I offer telephone and online counseling so that you can find help no matter where you live. Sessions provide education and intervention for Internet-related issues such as coping with cyberaffairs, pornography addiction, online gaming, eBay addiction, and parenting advice for children caught in the web. Sessions address underlying issues such as relationship problems, anxiety, depression, social phobia, problem drinking, and related health issues leading to addictive online use.



  1. James Ooi said,

    hi there,

    I was on my way home to nz last weekend, and that journey took me here instead 🙂

    I can see that your mom is very proud of you, and i’m glad that she had shared your blogg site with me.. interesting reading 🙂

    In the spirit of this topic, i can’t agree more with you that the web enables the facilitation of efficient work !

    In the grand scheme of things, I ‘exist’ because of the internet and the connectivity of wireless access…but I don’t think I have enough incentives to want to disengage myself from the need to be connected…and I don’t think it needs to be an addiction…

    getting off the plane without my blackberry would cost me half an hour of downloading emails at the airport lounge…writing emails to clients and colleagues while travelling on my train rides into town is my personal triumph on technology…(make me look good for being responsive)….being able to email a friend to arrange for lunch while making the trip on the MRT is no less valuable than an expensive call option to bail….

    and without the internet, i certainly would not be here sharing my thoughts with you….

    by the way, do you realise that it is easier to say ‘world wide web’ then to say ‘www’ (duhbeluee duhbeluee duhbeluee…)


  2. egalitaria said,

    Hi there james. thanks for dropping in… always good to “see” a new face.

    you’re right that it need not be an addiction, but there is a certain amount of pleasure one feels being connected to the rest of the world. with a single click, you’re “there with the rest of the world at your fingertips”. A UN online, if you like.

    will reply more through email.

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