February 20, 2006

The Touch of Life

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Admit it. We’re all humans in need of the physical touch. Studies have found that children with constant affection and touch develop better in emotional and interpersonal relations. Some researchers have even found that there may be health benefits in touch. But in this day and age where modern technology takes over, physical interaction with colleagues and friends is reduced to the occasional meeting or bumping into the other in the kitchen. Communication is more efficiently and effectively done on the computer, sms, phone, web messaging and the like.

Take the average person’s physical interaction, divide that by ten and you get what the typical Asian man experiences in his daily life. The norm rather than the exception is the manner in which Asian men relate to even their loved ones.

Japan, ever the country spilling over with ideas, has come up with a new solution. In the past, they already indulged their invention juices by creating stuffed toys that hug back, promoted specially for the elderly in Japan who live alone in isolated areas.

The new solution is creation of a lap pillow, shaped like the bottom half of a kneeling woman, complete with sexy legs and torso. Men can now rest their tired heads on the lap of an imaginary woman to experience some semblance, minimal though it is, of physical intimacy. They are also developing a male version of it, although this emphasises the man’s muscular arm and torso instead. What sexiness is to man, security is to woman.

Innovative though new entrepreneurs are, I can’t help but feel rather sorry at the state of humanity. Are we really reduced to relying upon synthetic material to provide the equivalent warmth and care of the physical touch? Can this really honestly help people even despite knowing how it can never unequivocally match that of a real human?

I’d rather prefer the real thing. Do you?


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  1. kars said,

    yes, like you, i prefer the real thing: a real hug, a real hand over your shoulder, a real handshake. 😉

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