February 20, 2006

ZAMan Informasi

Posted in Malaysia at 6:18 pm by egalitaria

Our new Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin, or ‘Zam’, has been getting a lot of flak recently. Is this grounded? Perhaps. 

Zainuddin told journalists that he is a “friend” of all reporters, when questioned today.

“I am meeting you (for the) first time.

Oh how exciting indeed it is that he is a ‘friend’ of all reporters. I’m truly touched.

Never mind that this is the same person who, in 2003, flared out against Free Media group Reporters without Borders.

Zainuddin Maidin reacted sharply to Malaysia’s being assigned 110th place in the Reporters Without Borders worldwide ranking of countries according to respect for press freedom. The organisation was a “political tool used by certain countries with the aim of discrediting Malaysia,” he said. The pro-government daily Malaysian Star a few days later accused Reporters Without Borders of not “respecting national culture.”

What is the future of Malaysian Freedom of Information? In an age where information and technology are increasingly being made available to all, can any singular person block out what naturally flows forth?

Are we living in an Information Age, or a Zaman Informasi?

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