February 27, 2006

Operation World

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It is very easy to get sidetracked from global news when the political soup is so hot in Malaysia. But this doesn’t mean equal attention should not be given outside my homeground.

The landslide in Philippines was yet another reminder of the fragility of life.

The controversial bombing of a Shia shrine spoke loud and clear of the troubles Iraq is still going through.

The talk of a bird flu pandemic sends economic shock waves throughout the world.

All good and well to be aware of all these things happening, but it is equally imperative to understand the response one should have. As a friend ed just pointed out below, what does it mean to “judge fairly”? What is the Christian response to many of these tragedies? What is the correct way in which we are expected to react? Is there a standard viewpoint to be adopted? Or is it a fluid, vague and debateable issue?

Speaking from both a Christian and personal stand, I believe it is only right to continue to look outwards. To see beyond the insular thinking that most (Malaysians or Christians, you can insert here) practise. To use our eyes and ears and attach them onto what lies outside our very circles of conversation. To investigate beyond the circumference of our opinions, our lives, our country, our beliefs.

Operation: World.

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