March 1, 2006

Very Open University

Posted in Malaysia at 5:51 pm by egalitaria

“Minimum of 12 months working experience in related fields (company secretarial, accounting or general management) for Bumiputera and 18 months experience for Non Bumiputera; at least one year in the case of Bumiputeras; or, at least 2 years in the case of Non Bumiputeras”

How open is Open Universiti Malaysia? Lim Kit Siang blogs about the preposterous i) Bad English! and ii) Discriminatory entrance policies into the university’s Corporate Secretary Certificate course.

Stickler and purist as I am for grammar, punctuation and spelling, it is sadder still that non-Bumiputera are very much second rated. We all know this, but to have it in your face and blatantly so?

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