March 3, 2006

Hike I

Posted in Malaysia at 6:50 pm by egalitaria

The recent petrol hike of RM0.30 per litre has been the cause of much dissatisfaction from members of the public. The reasons for unhappiness can be condensed into the following:

  • That the government announced the price increase barely 2 hours before it took effect, without leaving its citizens much chance to fill up their empty tanks for one final time. No grace period.
  • That this means simply, cutting a hole in the pockets of all. More monthly expenditure.
  • That the reasons given for the increase are not justifiable.

Point number One is demonstrative of a government that does not quite act in a merciful manner. However, because it would only have saved people one load of petrol-pumping, and around RM10+ at that, I feel this is a negligible point.

Point number Two is inevitable. For the government to increase the price of anything, its citizens suffer the consequences. If government imposes higher taxation rate on its people, citizens suffer. But there are economic reasons behind this, if justified. This is linked to the next point.

If point number Three is indeed correct, then it is right that the citizens are not happy with the increase in petrol prices. If, however, the reasons given for the increase in petrol price are valid and proven, then why should the people complain?

People ought to think about the reasons they are unhappy about a certain policy implementation. I will argue that if certain measures as taken by the authorities are justified, then there should be no reason to incessantly protest, argue and make noise.

But that is a big if.

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