March 15, 2006

Responsible Blogging

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Graveyard Blog: A blog that is dead and left to rot by its irresponsible owner who, due to the busy-ness of her schedule, forsakes all worthy principles of blogging for the (luxury?) of 3 hours of sleep a night.

Blogging is not just a social phenomenon for the fun of it.

It requires some level of commitment. The blogger has a relationship that it initiated with the people who visit the site. Like any other relationship, this needs to be nurtured and contributed to on a regular basis.

But what does one do when time is so short?

One blogs an empty, useless piece on responsible blogging and pretends to bemoan the sorry state of blogs in cyberspace!



  1. Pete G said,

    A graveyard blog huh? That’s what mine is becoming! Well congratulations on posting a good deal more regularly than me – some sort of commitment there then – at least you’re maintaing some kind of relationship with your readers! 😉 Interesting to read as ever. 🙂

    *Goes off to update his blog for the first time in about 5 millenia*

  2. trish said,

    Heya pete! so good to hear from you from miles away. Yes, graveyard blog overrun with weeds and whatnot. Time to clear the space though. thanks for dropping by.

    You seem to have enjoyed your term. Glad to know all is going well… Keep it up! Regards to the fresh air of Warwick. Our air quality is gonna get worse. but more of that later.

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