March 27, 2006


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The number of diabetics in Malaysia might grow to 22% by year 2020,
reports today said. So, we will have a developed and advanced nation of
fat and sweet-blooded people. We'll therefore have the facilities of a
great healthcare system, necessary to cater to our lazy ways. We'll
have hi-tech computers for people to sit in front of, their knowledge
of technology growing as rapidly as their thighs and buttocks.

I'm not excluded from the generation of those who hardly exercises, and
that's not a good thing. Destination: healthy nation! Desti-nation.

And more interesting is how sports and exercise unite peoples together. I watched from the pits at the Elite kart track today and realised that this is the only way to get races integrated.
Children laughing, chatting and playing together between races. Parents
(albeit forcibly) interacting congenially with the other for the sake
of a common hobby.

What is lacking is the media space. And sponsorship from the
government. Measly attendance at national-level
events. Preferential treatment for grants and scholarships, the odds
working even against potential national champions, who would make us
proud. There's all this gold-class standard strutting around us and poor strategies to harness that talent.

Having said that, here's a round of applause for our representatives in Melbourne, who've given us 7 golds, 12 silvers and 10 bronzes so far!



  1. ed said,

    whilst the atheletes did OK, by my standards they did horribly. We won 10 gold in the 98 Commonwealth games, 7 in *2002* Manchester and 7 in Australia.

    Only 2 significant national records were borken. Now, are we really getting better? To add salt to the wound, the commonweath games is not even world class (no world records were broken). Sit and think about.

  2. egalitaria said,

    We definitely are not getting better. I think it’s a huge struggle even for them to maintain the standards…. There’s been a huge debate going on, about how Malaysians in Australia themselves were not able to get tickets to watch and support their fellow countrymen, due to the lack of responsibility on the Malaysian Houses in Australia to access tix for them, or at least book a bulk in advance.

    How to support our Malaysian folk like that??

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