March 31, 2006


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I'm a list person. Everything I do has to involve a list of things to do, people to contact, emails to send out. Have always made book lists for myself to monitor the themes of what I'm reading and whether I'm covering sufficient ground. I vary in cycles, and the following are the books I'm reading or going to read. 

1. Why I am Not a Christian, by Bertrand Russell

2. The End of Faith, by Sam Harris

3. The Blind Watchmaker, by Richard Dawkins

4. Can Man Live Without God? by Ravi Zacharias 

What the first three books have in common is an argument largely refuting the need for, and the truth of faith-based religions. These refer to Judeo-Christian religions. They vary in approach – either taking a more philosophical stance, scientific argument or plain reason and logic. The last book is written by a famous Christian apologetics author (apologetics means a defense of the Christian faith). While previous reading projects involved a further deepening of understanding into certain areas, here I am expanding into new ground. 

I will write occasional reviews after each book (and possibly other titles to come). 



  1. Hedonese said,

    Hi! Lt Jeyachandran, the Ravi Zacharias International Ministry person in Asia Pacific will be coming to have a chit chat with us at SS2 this Sunday… 🙂

    Pls feel free to drop and have a cuppa of coffee with us, and chat about ‘apoligetics’ 🙂

    More details

  2. egalitaria said,

    Thanks for your invite. replied on your blog. 🙂 i’ll have to miss this one but i’d love to chat any other time. rgds.

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