April 1, 2006

Forgive & Forget

Posted in Language, Religion at 6:49 pm by egalitaria

I took a German course for 9 months in my year abroad. Because it is so similar in form to English, it was a breeze to me and I could chatter to friends quickly. Basic conversation, of course.

In Berlin I joined with a youth team to speak with other international students about their beliefs in God. Forced into using the only language they could speak, I fumbled and flopped around looking for the right words. Explaining something philosophical is tough in English, and what more so in a foreign language and with no proper training!

Instead of saying "Jesus hat uns vergeben" (Jesus has forgiven us), I made the blooper of saying "Jesus hat uns vergessen" (Jesus has forgotten us).

I must have left a trail of people with raised eyebrows, clouded thoughts and a confused disposition!

Keine Ahnung, Keine Ahnung…!



  1. Hedonese said,

    That’s a handy language to master 🙂
    Someone once cheekily said tat theology is invented in Germany, corrected in England and corrupted in the USA! haha…

  2. Susanna said,

    Hey Trish…

    Long time haven’t been in touch with you leh… are you still abroad? Maybe we could catch up sometime (if you’re in Malaysia, that is… hehe). How goes the life?

    & the German thingy… haha… quite funny… but I suppose it’d be even worse if it was me… I don’t pick up languages quite so easily…

  3. egalitaria said,

    Ja, stimmt. It is certainly a handy language to know… it’s got really interesting words and vocabulary, almost fun to read through the dictionary. 🙂

    Hey susanna, long time too. I’m in KL now, working. What are you up to these days? Hope to catch up soon!

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