April 1, 2006


Posted in Reflections at 6:29 pm by egalitaria

What does equality really mean when it comes to good governance? Don't both the right and leftists talk about the concept? They mean different things though. 

When the communists talked about equality, it meant equal sharing of resources through and through. The idea of an elite holding all the power and capital of the land was a no-no. Instead, all worked for the benefit of all alike. This was equality to them.

When democracies talk about equality, it means equal opportunities for all alike. Every individual having access to the same pool of resources, but it depends very much on what the person decides to do with this given opportunity. So, if one person decides to use the opportunity to better his disposition, and really does it, we congratulate him. If someone else is incapable of using the opportunity in the same manner, this is excusable because perhaps he is not cut out for that sort of thing.

What is equality really? Once we are clear on its definition it makes things easier. No point talking about equality when it is merely a vague term thrown up in the air for all to gawk at. 

Does equality mean equal sharing of resources? Or equal opportunity?

I believe it is the latter.

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