April 4, 2006

My beloved developed country

Posted in Malaysia, The Cause at 12:18 am by egalitaria

Malaysia aspires to be a developed country by year 2020.

Yes, my beloved land aspires to be a developed country that practices the following:

  • Affirmative action (note: for the majority, not minority? I wonder…)
  • Suspension of media groups when they practise freedom of expression and thought
  • Policies that erode equal economic rights.

Yes, it certainly looks as if the leaders of my country have read through the following documents with a scrutinising eye: 

I congratulate them, because it does look like they've done their homework! They seem to be serious about becoming a developed nation that is well-respected and on par with those ahead of us. This comes as a pleasant surprise, since I'm sure much of their time is taken up by busily saving the country, politicising issues, or both. Here's to the next 15 years towards becoming a First World Nation! Malaysia Boleh! Despite everything that people (those irritating opposing ones who obviously don't care about National Unity and purposely bring up sensitive issues just to ruffle our finely-oiled feathers) say, surely boleh!

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