April 14, 2006

Between 2 Doors

Posted in Malaysia, Music at 2:12 am by egalitaria

One of those perchance meetings of coincidence made possible only by the several minutes of lolling around and chatting. A chance meeting on a dinghy corridor, between doors. 

The Malaysian music scene has grown very quickly over the past few years. I have not been personally in tune with what's going on per se, but there are loads of bands sprouting wings and taking off where a couple of years ago the same scene would have been measly.  

Got to know of this company, and the stuff they are doing. "Music that is not mainstream", something I've been unsure of saying about mine for a long time, but these people clearly welcome all with open arms. Troubadours is the name of their outfit, and they perform regularly, once every fortnight or so. The next gig is in the KL Performing Arts Centre on Sunday, 15th April 2006 – anyone interested to join me for RM12? Details are on the troubadours link above. 

The two things I dreamed of getting involved in (aside from the million other small dreams I harbour inside secretly) were: being active in a socially conscious level, be it humanitarian aid, political awareness, or citizen representation for justice; and music. I do believe the two are moving in a positive direction somewhat. Let's hope and pray for a breakthrough on these fronts! 

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