April 25, 2006

Adventure into Iron River

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DSC00028 (WinCE).JPGSo began my journey into the great Iron River district (Sungai Besi), in search of the Great Plan, the much-talked-about jewel that has not ceased to create a furor amongst Its People. Based on the instructions provided by the Map Maker, I braved the crowds of cars on the usual busy roads… and found the obscure Kedai Buku SPNB in the inner shrubs of the wood, the only shop that sells the 9th Malaysia Plan in the whole Klang Valley.

DSC00027 (WinCE).JPGIt is located in Sg. Besi, upon Jalan Satu (One Road, literally lah!) and hidden away behind black grill. The shop is relatively small considering the fact that it is the only place selling official documents publicly – things like the Federal Constitution, other legal Acts, the Ninth Malaysia Plan, the full report from the Special Commission to investigate the Police Force, the report on Body Searches conducted by the Police, Economic Reports released by the Ministry of Finance etc.

Browsing through the thick of the jungle, finally emerged with my spoils of the day with several juicy documents, which I think should be owned by all Malaysians alike. If you're a citizen of Malaysia, you ought to know what laws govern your every action. If you think it is important, or simply if you are interested to know what Malaysian laws are all about (since you are living in this country!), get a copy of the Internal Security Act, the Official Secrets Act, Sedition Act, the Federal Constitution, and all others that pertain to your own businesses. I found out interesting things like Malaysia even has its own Martial Arts Act, Multimedia and Communications Commission Act! These form the very core of Malaysia. Since the information is being made publicly available to us, why not know about it? You don't want to contravene the law now, do you? As Robocop says, oh yes indeed, Uphold The Law.

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