April 30, 2006


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Malaysia's politicians have to seriously stop making embarrassing comments. We are slapping shame upon ourselves this way! Preposterous. I'm glad that this time, the women's groups were unanimous and quick in their responses. See this extract from Malaysia-today.net below, and the full report here

A Muslim parliamentarian from the opposition Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS), who came under intense fire for describing divorced women as lustful and suggesting that many of them were prostitutes, has now been roundly criticised by his own party.He now also faces possible disciplinary action in the party.MP Abdul Fatah, from PAS, had said in Parliament on Wednesday that most divorced women were not 'sad and quiet' like widows but were 'easily spotted' at parties displaying gatal behaviour.Gatal means lewd or lustful in Malay and is usually used in a derogatory context.

Abdul withdrew his offending remarks in Parliament following an uproar.

But he remained unrepentant a day later, telling the party's Internet news portal, HarakahDaily.net on Thursday, that he was confident that divorcees constituted many of the country's prostitutes.



  1. wisnu said,

    berapa lamakah penyakitnya akan hilang

  2. wisnu said,

    obat apa agar lekas sembuh

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