May 2, 2006


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What better to do on labour day than to fully take advantage of a completely free-from-work day and travel out of crowded KL? (into the rivers of Ulu Yam, equally crowded I might add…) It's indeed a privilege to have so close to the city an Eden, a place of cool trees and waters and rocks, rushing rapids and pockets of nature to idle time by. And so I salute my country for having beauty-ful waterfalls and accessible sites.

BUT… I was appalled by the amount of rubbish left behind in practically Every Clearing We Saw. Why in the world must picnickers leave their empty cockle shells (post-BBQ) on the ground, with non-biodegradeable styrofoam plates and cups? Orange peel scattered all over the place as if they were fragile flower petals laid out for bride and groom. Plastic bags added to the dumpsite of the river banks, disgusting and horrible indeed.

We had to trek deeper into the secondary "jungle" (if one can call it that) to access a quieter area to set up our little picnic mats, after which promptly we chose to sit atop rocks instead.

Second observation is that the bulk of the guitar-singing, half-naked, family-outing, fun-loving clumps of people were Malay. Where do the Chinese go on public holidays? They sleep in and stay home, connected to their computers and websites, or think about how to continue making more money, investing to secure their future financial stability. We could go on into a political and economic debate but here is a more amusing and funny account of today, juxtaposed to my sadly drily twisted viewpoint of Malaysian rivers.

All that aside, it was a fabulous day indeed…

Picture 647 (WinCE).jpgCool waters in heated day.  


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