May 2, 2006

The Other Side

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The other side of the coin, of course, is that our cousins in Singapore are probably the only ones worse off in terms of freedom of the press and freedom of information. Interesting, isn't it? The grass this time is greener on our side of the crooked bridge, I mean scenic bridge, I mean the Causeway, silly…

This time the white-suit men and women (PAP uniformity, you see) have something to worry about. Yawning Bread estimates that there were at least a 100,000 people on the huge field last night at the Worker's Party election open-air rally in Singapore. Of course, today's front page of The Star reported that there were only 10,000. Whatever the actual figure, it is refreshing to note that there is some political consciousness rising above the dusty musty air of Singaporean apathy. Now there is no excuse to be a blur-sotong, to borrow their very expression.

Roderick Chia, who is reporting on James Gomez's behalf during his hectic season, replied my mail and says this: I can't tell you much more at this stage, beyond what has been stated in the blog, or on the WP website (, or reported by Singapore's responsible and impartial mainstream media 😉

He also wrote: I've used a part of your email (and slightly edited) in the blog, simply because you've made interesting comments. (you can find it at his blog, Day 3 news)

The Internet is a beautiful thing, isn't it? At least in Malaysia the Printing and Publications Act, along with many other legislative Acts, do not yet apply to the online sphere. This blog has been set up especially to report on the Election Rallies in Singapore:

Now why am I so concerned about our neighbours down town? I suppose it's because any sort of fight for the truth and fundamental liberties excites me. It rubs me the right way, going along the path of choosing right, the democratic way. So, forget the fights on bridges and water and little unprofitable rocks… I agree that economic links should be made for the benefit of both parties. Till then, I'd encourage all Singaporeans to wake up to political realities. Look at the manifestos of Singapore Democratic Party, Worker's Party etc. before you merely brush them aside as incapable talkshop individuals madly flailing their flags red in the face. Yes, indeed some people other than the main government may at times be talking sense! Just listen carefully.

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