May 3, 2006

Smell that Scene

Posted in Malaysia, Reflections at 3:07 am by egalitaria

I've been salivating over watching Johnny Depp, I mean Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in another of Japan's innovative technologies, fragrant films! Last year they actually released chocolate scents during the film… Now that is bliss.

"This is the world's first trial to offer various kinds of scene-matching fragrances, which will make viewers feel as if they are really in a forest, for example, with the smell of the woods."

The six smells, which include forests and citrus, are released under cinemagoers' seats.

I just wonder what smell they would release if they were showing a movie about the political state in Malaysia. It would probably be that of rotting fish… very much akin to Shakespeare's Hamlet… "there's something rotten in the state of Denmark", when there was political turmoil about to take place in his beloved country. A state of rotting fish.. perhaps more than a comedy to be made out of the stink that has arisen lately from several watery sources.. from our taps in the Klang Valley, as well as the arising stench under certain bridges between certain countries, not forgetting haze-stricken KL covered in a thick layer of smog. 

One can transform something as innocent as Japanese technology into juicy national affairs! 

Get a clothes-peg and cover your nose. Malaysia is a beautiful country. Just don't smell that scene.

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