May 8, 2006

Voltaire turnin’ in grave

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Voltaire said, I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it.

It disturbs me deeply to know that in two recent cases, this principle has been gravely undermined. How can we disguise ourselves as countries that are sincere in wanting an open and transparent government? I just shake my head at the sheer preposterous magnitude of recent events.

Case 1: The forced resignation of Back-Bencher's Club chairman, Shahrir.

Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang tabled a motion in Parliament calling for a news report alleging that an unnamed MP had interfered with the work of the Malacca Customs Department to be referred to the Parliament Rights and Privileges Committee. In other words, he was highlighting a boo-boo, and was responding to the Prime Minister's call for an honest & trustworthy government. 

Backbencher's Club leader Shahrir chose not to reject the motion, and instead walked out & resigned consequently. Now this is the important part: Rules are rules. BN Members of Parliament are banned from supporting any motions tabled by the opposition. Is this not plain ridiculous? IF someone speaks forth the noble & plain truth, why can this not be supported? This ban casts a dark blanket over anything at all that the oppositionists speak up for. This essentially means that the mouths of any opposition are zipped up for good. That ears of the rest are plugged tightly even before anything is mentioned at all. 

"What it all boils down to, my friend…" is that the only reason anyone other than the main government exists in the House of Parliament is for a puppet show-and-tell. What's the point of having them there if their views and opinions are never going to be taken seriously? Where is the balance in the check-and-balance?

Case 2: The Arrest of James Gomez Down South

 I've written about it below, but this is a saddening blow to the fight for honour and truth. The principles of speaking up, defending the needy and poor are noble, Biblical (and Quranic as well I'm sure) causes that he, along with other Worker's Party candidates, campaigned long and hard for. If the man was speaking untruths about the country or its administration, then by all means reprimand the man. But if statements from anyone's mouths, whether they are in the PAP or SDP or WP, are truths, then boy will I stand up for them through and through. 

Show me what it is to stand up for what is true, just and honourable…

Because I can't see it, for the smog that layers my vision thinly…. and then some. 


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  1. edward said,

    this just proves that u CANNOT join BN and expect to change the country. Ppl who join BN are only in for personal gain….favors n such.

    Hw dare all the other ministers keep quiet in such a blatant corrupt practice? There is NO intergrity in the parliment except for Shahrir .. i kow-tow him. He is a Christian in disguise.

    the only way is to support the opposition till they topple the BN government. I’m waiting for the day to comeee……..and want to be part of it. Or at least, part of trying to do it.

    It makes me wonder how stupid m’sians are. if we elect a stupid government, it just means we are stupid. Vote opposition!!

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