May 10, 2006

Clean government he says

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Chronology of events, quickly: (more to come later… let my boiling blood simmer a little… )

  1. At the Melaka Customs Office, illegal timber is seized.
  2. Jasin MP asks for the Customs officer to "close one eye" because he is helping the rakyat, or actually a Bumiputera company that is in trouble.
  3. Lim Kit Siang, opposition leader, calls for a motion to investigate this suspicious incident.
  4. Shahrir of the Back Bencher's Club does not reject the motion and resigns.
  5. The whip accepts his resignation.
  6. Back Bencher's Club wants their old chairman back, and arrange a meeting to re-elect Shahrir.
  7. Prime Minister Pak Lah says "Toe the Line" people! Rules are rules. You MPs are not allowed to support any motion made by the Opposition. Shahrir stays out of the Malaysian BBC. 
  8. Lim Kit Siang tries to table the motion again, this time in its proper form, doing it within the House itself – but is rejected. (The previous motion was conducted outside the House, and therefore not considered to be the right procedure.)
  9. Binyu Sof Enterprise is the company involved in bringing in illegal timber. the Malacca-based company this year alone breached the law 14 times by bringing in sawn timber exceeding the 60-square-inch cross-section area limit permitted by the Malaysian Timber Council.
  10. This Jasin MP admits that this company is the forwarding agency for this seized consignent of illegal timber.
  11. He also says that "MPs are allowed to do business!"

Now, you tell me, who is walking the talk? Certainly not our leadership. What is the real meaning of transparency and an open government? Transparent enough to show that there's dirty business to be had, and yet nothing is done about it. Great interpretation of words….

Once again I say, the government is in dire need of language education. Give them some dictionaries and encyclopaedias within the House of Parliament.



  1. pet kim said,

    well thought out and expressed my fighter girl.

  2. roy said,

    The points that everyone has already noted:

    1. MP breaks the law, compromises his credibility as an office holder and doesn’t even believe that he is wrong in any way.

    2. Government MPs, less one, toed the party line and did not vote according to their “conscience”.

    3. Government/Party leaders say that it is Party’s policy for MPs to toe the line. Oh well, it’s a party issue, not a national issue.

    Other issues drowned out…

    4. This “policy” was “reaffirmed” not by the Government Coalition, but by one party’s leadership.

    5. Who is the Malaysian Timber Council? It’s a lobby group. How can private enterprise group together to decide what timber can and cannot be imported? If restrictions are placed on collective bargaining of wages and unionisation, how can we let Business be so powerful?

    6. Regarding the porno VCDs, if the MP can say that he is only an agent for his clients, then how come printers have it hard with the PPPA? Or shopping centres with their pirate tenants?

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