May 10, 2006

Read it he says

Posted in Malaysia at 12:55 am by egalitaria

The whip says: (as reported in today’s Star)

Take “ownership” of the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) and read it.

This is the Deputy Prime Minister’s advice to government servants as part of efforts to ensure the success of the 9MP.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said civil servants should regard the national mission as their own and not just that of the Prime Minister or the Economic Planning Unit that drafted it.

“Read the plan, do not keep it in your office bookcase or take it home and leave it in your study. If you do this, the plan may not be successfully carried out,” he said when addressing staff of the Prime Minister’s Department during the monthly gathering here yesterday.

Egalitaria says Not Only the Government Servants should read and know it.

Egalitaria reiterates:

1) Make it available in public bookstores like MPH and Kinokuniya or your nearby neighbourhood bookshop.

2) Reduce its price, currently RM80 with the CD… OR

3) Make it available without the CD, so it is cheaper and more accessible to the masses.

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