May 17, 2006

Interesting, interesting…

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One does not know whether to laugh or to cry anymore these days.

I think the best way out for an individual is to laugh. And then put all that energy that laughter generates into some solid action, people!

Interesting views… you have Nazri saying this:

"We strongly condemn those who came out in numbers to protest against the forum. It was a legitimate forum for people to discuss their rights in this country".

You have Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang saying this:

"When the forum which had the required police permit ended prematurely after 20 minutes because of mob pressure by people operating without any police permit, it is a stark reminder of the diminishing respect for human rights and constitutional freedom after 31 months of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad (Badawi)'s premiership."

Aliran says this:

But we strongly oppose threatening and unruly behaviour, which prevents other Malaysians from gathering and discussing issues. We will continue to organise such forums for thinking Malaysians.

And then you have our Prime Minister saying this:

"Don't make calls that can precipitate a bad situation in our country. Such matters are very sensitive and we must be careful. Action would be taken against anyone who makes seditious statements and threatens the peace. It is our practice to be cautious, moderate in whatever we do and we don't want to raise sentiments that can precipitate fights, conflicts and so forth."

We live in interesting times, don't we?

*Note: A friend long ago stated a truth, that we use the word interesting to describe something that we just cannot any longer find the words to elaborate upon. How was the food? "bad interesting". How does the dress look on me? "horrible interesting". What's the situation in Malaysia right now, with all these events taking place? " XXXX interesting". Think about the censored word.

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