May 18, 2006

Blogging the Bible

Posted in Religion, Theology at 12:17 am by egalitaria

David Plotz plods through the Bible as an ignorant Jew, as he says himself. In an interesting twist to the way blogging and Internetsphere is changing our worldviews, he will attempt to read and write expository notes on what he sees in the Bible from cover to cover, as he writes here.
In his first entry, entitled "from creation to the flood", he writes about God's role in what the Bible presents to us. In his second entry, "Abraham vs. God", he writes a detailed commentary on each of the chapters. He writes as a Jew who has never really gone through the pages of the Bible one by one, not even the Old Testament, that Judaism also takes as its own scripture (along with other documents). His style of writing is therefore akin to a child's, an ignoramus, curious and unbiased in his opinion, critical where need be and yet not sacrilegous as he too believes in the same God. 

It is unusual that (which usually writes on current affairs) presents a detailed write-up on the Bible, in your typical commentary style. You have a catchment size of: Huge. Very rarely will people, even Christians take the time to read lengthy commentaries online, much less the written book (save those crazy ones who actually like reading theology, philosophy of any sort, yes the lunatics). So although this may present only a skewed disposition, I think it opens up again the opportunity to speak and dialogue openly online and in person on religion… something that we in Malaysia are SO great at doing!

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