May 21, 2006

My World

Posted in Personal at 4:08 pm by egalitaria

A great big thank you..  Terima kasih.. Danke Schön.. Xie Xie.. for wishes from England, France, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia, and of course Malaysia! For attempted surprises, Spanish ink paella, carrot strips, chocolate cake in the jungle, Lied Geburtstag aus Würzburg, and an electrifying drummer.

Prayer: For God to bless my country and my world through the little of me.  


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  1. M said,

    Happiness, love and 4ever young….on your 24th birthday and alwiz! Happy hari jadi…it was great celebrating yr birthday with the Tebuans in orang asli S Buloh. Nothing cld have been more unpretentious and natural than having the little kids around us….and the little monkey too! God bless all the wonderful things that you have done and are doing to make a difference to those around you.

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