May 21, 2006


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The clean sweep that was predicted of the Sarawak's elections yesterday was not so clean after all. The opposition won 8 seats this time round. This is surely a waker-upper for the coalition government. They must either address the issues that are of such great concern to all citizens immediately, or suffer the consequences of a lackadaisical attitude in the next general elections. Are these telltale signs?

An interesting turn of events is that 24 year old DAP Candidate Ting Tze Hui beat her contender to win the Meradong seat by more than 3000 votes, which is quite significant. Politics is seeing the fielding of more women, what with the rise of women's rights and women's issues. Candidates are also becoming younger, perhaps telling of politicians' intentions of targeting the younger generation.

These two: Youth and Women Factors, make me wonder. Perhaps Malaysia despite its long tradition of a hierarchical society, is now awakening to the relatively novel idea that authority does not necessarily come in the form of age. There is a certain truth in the need for quality as opposed to quantity.

Congratulations to this young girl. This is a symbol that ought to stretch across the younger generation of today. I just hope the young ones take up the need to be more aware of current affairs, whether or not it is in support of the government or the opposition. That it is spoken about with genuine interest is a step forward.

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