May 23, 2006

PAS redefined

Posted in Malaysia at 12:01 am by egalitaria

PAS… i.e. Parti Seislam Malaysia, may open party membership to non-Muslims. Reported here:

For a start, he said, non-Muslims could be admitted into the party as associate members.

“And, when the time is ripe, they may become full-fledged members to strengthen the party’s political clout,” said Nik Aziz, who is Kelantan mentri besar.

Some people may find this ridiculous and absolutely undoable. But really, if the basic principles of believing in transparency and accountability are similar to that of Christianity, what is the theoretical fault in someone of a different faith joining it? 

If non-Muslims can accept Islamic banking, and indeed are customers of Islamic Banks because they believe in the same principles and values that the Banks advocate, i.e. non-interest paying, then what about this?  

Of course, whether or not their own political party members are able to accept this is a different story.

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