May 27, 2006

Sad Said

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In my earlier post, I outlined the key events that highlight the Sad Case… I mean, the Said Case. 

Now the ACA, Anti-Corruption Agency, is given the task of investigating it in entirety. Now, do we have a good track record with the ACA? Will the facts be considered as hard evidence? Will this be acceptable into the very narrow definition of what "corruption" really is? 

Isn't it absolutely amusing to all that such a public figure (in a soon-to-be 1st world, developed nation) is given the chance to explain these things away absolutely superdupily easily? Let's all us citizens really monitor this and see if anything happens. 

If it's not reported in the newspapers, it might be easily forgotten though.

Out of sight, out of mind. 

The NST reported this a couple of days ago:

Najib was reported yesterday as saying the panel would meet with Mohd Said soon, and that the inquiry was separate from the ongoing Anti-Corruption Agency probe into the matter.

Mohd Said, when contacted on his cellphone, declined to confirm if he had been called to attend the inquiry. "Enough, please… enough. Thanks," he said.

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