May 29, 2006

Silent Night

Posted in Music, Personal at 1:45 am by egalitaria

Love Damien Rice, as blogged before here

Never listened past the last song's 15th minute on Side-A of his first album, "O" before, and was pleasantly surprised to have a new and rather warped version of "Silent night":

Silent night, broken night
All is fallen when you take your flight
I found some hate for you
Just for show
You found some love for me
Thinking I'd go
Don't keep me from crying to sleep
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent night, moonlit night
Nothing's changed
Nothing is right
I should be stronger than weeping alone
You should be weaker than sending me home
I can't stop you fighting to sleep
Sleep in heavenly peace…

I guess this is yet another example of people's disillusionment with institutionalised religion. Another topic to talk about is the separation of religion and spirituality (or at least, people's interpretations of the two), something I studied in Sociology years ago, but the trend seems to be accelerating indeed.

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