June 3, 2006

World Cup Politics

Posted in Malaysia at 10:24 pm by egalitaria

World Cup is coming!! On the way in just 6 days, people all around the globe (including yours truly) are waiting with bated breath for the opening, the kickoff, the grand game to begin. 

Such a global event as this cannot be far removed from world economics and politics. Think about the Munich Olympics in 1972, where members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and 11 of whom were eventually killed. Think about the bans of Communist countries during Olympics during the Cold War period. Now you have the global social war of philosophies, Terrorism vs the Perceived West, which surely permeate Sporting Events. 

From the Nation, "Citing Iran's efforts to develop a nuclear program and the anti-Israel pronouncements of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, several leading politicians in both countries (Germany and the US) have called for the Iranian team to be banned from the World Cup."

However, the article goes on to say that yeah, yeah.. "Iran should be banned because its leaders indulge in belligerent rhetoric and attempt to develop a nuclear program, yet no one advocates the exclusion of the United States, even though it is engaged in two military occupations, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and President Bush has refused to rule out a nuclear strike on Iran."

Wouldn't it be interesting to watch certain teams on the pitch? U.S. vs. Iran, or Saudi Arabia… You can check out the listings of the initial World Cup matches on the Astro Website Here

And then you have the economics of World Cup.. the economic benefit this is going to bring to Germany and Europe.. In particular, to the Deutsch economy in terms of employment, investment, tourism, and more. People say there'll be a slump in labour productivity in Malaysia, and probably all round the world, but how about sales of wide-screen TVs, drinks at pubs, not to mention the gambling dens that will be spilling over in liquid cash over the next one month?!

Couch potatoes of the world unite, for the month of World Cup! It'll be brilliant brilliant. 


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  1. jesscet said,

    Yep! am also looking forward to World Cup!! though i didn’t think of the politics side of it.. interesting.. 😉

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