June 6, 2006

Crash & Burn

Posted in Personal at 9:25 am by egalitaria

I got into an accident last night.

This was what happened, in slow motion like a dramatic scene..

Guy makes a U-turn into my lane right in front of me without looking.

I think, "I can't stop in time, I can't stop in time".

I slam down the brakes, I slam down the horn. Tyres screech. Road eats rubber.

I crash into the back left of his car.

I swerve up the high curb. Crash into a Madagascar palm sitting pretty beside the road, bringing it down with me.

I am just awaiting the shattering of glass, me knocked out, waiting waiting for my head to be blown apart.

I slide to a halt and look around, see no glass on my face, see I am awake and conscious.

No one was hurt. Thank God…

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