June 6, 2006

Same Sex Marriage

Posted in Malaysia at 9:43 am by egalitaria

In a tiny obscure artsy home, thirty-odd people gathered to watch the screening of two films. Directed by Malaysian-borns, they were pretty revolutionary.

The first was a film on same sex marriage called Floored by Love, by Desiree Lim,  who is based in Canada now. It was pretty explicit, the kissing scenes going all out between the main protagonist women, who were struggling with 'coming out' to their parents. Asked why she was inspired to do this film, Desiree replied that there was no movie out there focusing on same sex marriage between two women, so do it before someone else does.

The film either strikes a chord with those who feel empathetic towards gays and lesbians, but also puts the rest at a slight unease. Discomfort because of the issue itself, as well as the visual scenes. A side story was a guy who was dealing with his homosexuality, living with very accepting and open parents. I wonder what I would truly do as a parent.

The second film was a documentary by Jo Luping based in New Zealand, on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Reframe. It was pretty good cinematography, bringing the audience to parts of the war-devastated city of Jenin and the Gaza Strip that we would otherwise have no access to.

The stories of the kids were the most striking, interviews and pictures with each of them plain heart wrenching. The film also drew parallels between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the system of apartheid in South Africa based on the legalising of racialism. It will be interesting to observe if anyone picks up on this issue with regard to Malaysia.

All in all, a pretty interesting session. Go Malaysian directors. Break new ground.

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