June 23, 2006

Go Ghana!

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In a previous post, I wrote about how I would support the team that has a lower GDP relative to whoever they were facing. Tonight, Ghana faced US (read: Lowest vs the Highest GDP countries that still remained in the World Cup). 

And my reason in supporting them now goes beyond theoretics. They play with such spirit and passion. And they owe their allegiance to their God/Allah. When they play, you know they are driven by a powerful force. And so I was overjoyed, together with all their countrymates at home dancing and partying to African beats and drums, because I could feel their passion. Of course, they face Brazil in the knock-out round, next stage. No guesses for who is the favourite there…

But that they have gotten this far is a tremendous feat in itself. This is the first time they've even entered the World Cup tournament. And they are the last remaining African country. I blow them a flying kiss and hope they'll continue to play with unreserved spirit and passion!

Go Ghana! 



  1. Hedonese said,

    ghana won me over when they beat the Czechs… it was an amazing performance… in my heart i’d hope they’d go on to beat brazil though i’d grieve for ronaldinho… boo hoo hoo

  2. edward said,

    its truly respectable to support them. 🙂

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