July 4, 2006

Down Memory Lane

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I was asked recently by a high school girl from my alma mater to answer some questions. I’d be featured in the year school magazine, a kind of sentimental gift to myself since many years ago I was the editor in chief in charge of producing that very document! Now they are featuring me (probably amongst a gazillion others), but here are some interesting questions I took out, and share here:

What do you miss most about secondary school?

What do I miss most? The way in which friendships were created and forged. In secondary school, you are placed together in a little small world together, bounded by the four walls around the school compound. That forms a sort of campsite atmosphere, where the camp members are you, your schoolmates, your teachers. I guess it is the atmosphere of friendship, the semangat muhibah, the collective togetherness of the school air that you cannot get anywhere else, not at college or university level.

What advice do you have for the students currently studying there?

Appreciate your school years as much as possible. But in the midst of your enjoyment and fun, use your years constructively and wisely. These are the formative thinking years you do not want to waste. Explore issues, themes, important questions in life, read as much as possible, open your mind, ask questions, think outside the box, be creative, try as best you can to do things differently in anything you are involved in. You’ll find that these qualities will be greatly valuable when you leave school, go into higher education, and much later, into the working world and the rest of your life.

Note: I would have wanted to add on a whole lot of other comments and viewpoints… but not very feasible to do so in a yearbook. 

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