July 4, 2006

In the beginning

Posted in Personal, The Cause at 12:43 am by egalitaria

In the beginning was Brazil, and Brazil was confident, and Brazil fell, and Brazil wept.

Pride leaps before a fall.

I’m predicting a Germany-France final, although I’m thinking this has turned out to be more of a Euro Cup than a World Cup.

This goes back to economics, and how the rich nations are able to afford better coaches and better training sessions.

Let the rich get richer, with rich players pocketing gazillions of dollars whilst their fellow countrymen either party the night away with alcohol galore or watch their famous star on a ramshackled TV amidst adjunct poverty.

24 days down, 6 days to go.

Let the rich get better and the good get richer.

Khattam Shud.

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