July 4, 2006


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The very term “inter-faith” has been somewhat of a touchy, sensitive topic of late. What with your regular Interfaith Commissions being criticised left right and centre, the issues of apostasy taking prime time in many websites and Lina Joy’s case being reopened (the final session is to be held tomorrow with Cyrus Das speaking at 11am), things are getting rather interesting or messy, depending on how you view it.

Malaysiakini has come out with a 5 part miniseries on religious freedom in Malaysia, where several personalities get together to share and air their views on this extremely sensitive topic.

Perhaps this is a step forward… Malaysians seem to think that we are not fully ready nor mature to discuss such things, but I say you never know till you try, really.

The main issue that is being hotly debated is whether or not people have a right to choose their religions. It boils back down to religious freedom – and what this is defined as. I keep coming back to this topic: Freedoms and what this means to different people.

It seems to me that if people are able to come to an understanding first of what this means: The Absolute Freedom of Choice: then would they be able to discourse rationally.

Do religions offer an absolute freedom of choice? This is something I personally have to contend with myself, when I think about Christianity.

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