July 9, 2006


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The last time the Doulos docked at West Port Klang, I was with a bunch of excited young girls in a car. Five years later, the old ship is back in town. Took a short visit over the weekend.

A little bit of history of the Doulos, which is even older than the Titanic by two years. It’s had three other names before it was converted into the Doulos. It was launched in its original name in 1914, and almost going to the scrapyard six times, it was saved by a bunch of Germans who were from an organisation called “Gute Bücher für Alle” – Good Books for All. They already had the very original idea of having a mobile library, travelling to all parts of the world.

Being on the Doulos brings back memories of my love for the ocean and travelling around gypsy-like. It reminds me of past dreams of being a sailor, navigating through the seas through my telescope, igniting my other love of astronomy. Being guided through the stars. And serving on board with 349 other people from 48 different countries. That is truly amazing. Nevertheless, the reality is that the ship eventually becomes a sort of vacuumed world in which you live 24/7. This is not a luxury, neither is it something all people can handle.

The cabins are tiny and cramped, things are mechanical and driven by clockwork which is necessary for the number of passengers on board any ship, discipline is required, rules are rules are rules. But for all that, the overwhelming excitement of working on board a travelling mini United Nations beats all odds. Plus serving with a heart of love for the true cause, for Him. That beats all.

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