July 9, 2006

IPCMC forward

Posted in Malaysia, The Cause at 10:52 pm by egalitaria

The IPCMC, or the recommended Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, has been supported by the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Musa Hassan! Surprise, surprise.

This is indeed a mini victory for the country’s whistle-blowers, since they were the ones who actively campaigned for the IPCMC to be set up, as an independent commission investigating any wrongdoing within the police force. This tells us that truly, it is essential to have a check-and-balance system within and from outside the government.

Previously, the police force rejected the recommended IPCMC because, according to its website, it would undermine the ruling coalition’s power, and will be a threat to national security.

How it is interpreted as a threat to national security I am clueless about. Surely something as basic as a commission to investigate any wrong action should be supported. If one rejects a right, by default one admits to a wrong – or Fear of a wrong being revealed. If there is nothing to hide, can one not bare all?

Okay now, since the statement is out and official, there is no time to lose. These words cannot be taken back once made, because the citizenry has noted its acceptance. But truly, let’s see how long it will take for it to be actually implemented…

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