July 26, 2006

Thoughts on Kuching

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Kuching is a beautiful city, with a river weaving through its heart like a silver snake, alight with tiny lights and stalls at night with friendly folk chitting chatting to the other, the slow wooden boat sliding across the water’s surface with war-like shouts. Gambir Sarawak sold on sidewalks unbeknownst to innocent female folk. Powerful scents seeping through the air, turn around and find a lion in your face, many of them dancing and swirling in a trance of drums.

People civil and kind, clean city with hardly trash around. We have much to learn from Sarawakians. Most of all, less ethnically polarised than us in the West. You see people from different races sitting at the same table, eating and dining, chatting like the oldest of buddies. Colour is not so much a dichotomous black versus yellow versus brown versus white.

No, colour in Sarawak has little meaning, as they are merely different shades of the same source of earth. With no distinction that markedly differentiates one from the other, each can comfortably share food and space, the little of civility that we in the West have failed to achieve in recent years.

Issues seep in and out, but the great big white Parliament still stands far away from their pearly River in Kuching.

And yet, yet I am drawn to the enchanted mystical beauty and lush forests, mountains of the other side. What is it worth to satisfy your mind and not your soul?


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  1. Explorer said,

    It is good that you enjoyed Sarawak and it is also refreshing to see someone who is able to pick up the difference between the Peninsular environment and the one on this Borneo Island. Its also quite strange that you did not try to sample the various dishes and food and beverages (the local tuak or rice wine) for you to enjoy during your stay. Other than that its is great to hear you write more about this mysterious State 🙂

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