July 28, 2006

Read the Constitution for yourself

Posted in Malaysia at 1:04 am by egalitaria

In the US of A, citizens can easily quote Amendments of their Constitution. They learn it at school. They regularly use it, it is within reach and disposal. This is why a country has a Constitution in the first place.

Malaysians should read our Constitution for themselves and form their own conclusions. Too much noise is playing in the background. Now, for starters you can click here for your perusal of the Federal Constitution. You can even click on each Article for your convenience! Note: the Articles of contention here are Article 11 and Article 121 1(A), which isn’t in its total form but I’ve extracted it here for you:

Article 121(1A) of the federal constitution – which amendment came into effect on June 10, 1988 (prior to which the High Court had unfettered jurisdiction over all matters in the federation) – provides that the (civil) high courts ‘… shall have no jurisdiction in respect of any matter within the jurisdiction of the syariah courts.’ It is important to reflect on the negative (as opposed to the positive) way in which the Article is framed. (Extract taken from malaysiakini.com)

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