August 1, 2006

Boy oh Boy-cott

Posted in Malaysia at 12:05 am by egalitaria

KJ pulls another KJ stunt! Between him and his dad-in-law, it’s hard to say who is winning. It seems like they are competing in a contest these days on the most outstanding statement.

When I wrote earlier about the ridiculously long list of products linked to Israel that is currently being boycotted, I had no idea that this was also being initiated in our very country! By one of our leaders!

He says in the Bernama report here, that UMNO Youth will release a list of these products soon. KJ said that the move was to inform the public of the products so they can be boycotted. If you’ve seen the list, you’ll know it’s an incredibly long one.

Does he know what he is really saying, in actual fact? Is he thinking about the many Malaysian employees working in that line? How about the managing directors/ country representatives in that area of work who are going to be affected financially if these products are really boycotted by more than 60% of the country?

He is an influential leader. And so whatever he says might just be followed, without thinking of the ramifications. Perhaps those working in these companies might also abandon their jobs. This will contribute to the growing number of unemployed in the country. Already the country is grappling with the high numbers of unemployed graduates. What then for these graduates to work in such Israel-related (or so the list claims…I’m not sure about its truth) MNC companies?

Sure, there is the issue of religion involved and all. I could blog about that but another day… At stake here is the economy of the country. Malaysia is fighting to be world class and rise up to achieve its GDP growth outlined in the 9MP and all our beloved politicians can do is make use of these for their own reasons. Furthermore, reading from a comment on a blog, it is true isn’t it, that his investment company engages in global investments. Think about that.



  1. Linda María said,

    Taht is very funny list of INTERNATIONAL companies, it must be a copy paste error from the boycott international companies campaign;-) – what is the criteria for getting on that list, a person from Israel is a shareholder in any of these companies… I just don’t get it. What about Coca – cola – it is manufactured in many different countries, can’t people just buy them from other countries?? Hehehehe this is just absurd

  2. egalitaria said,

    I know! there isn’t any sort of criteria to decide how to enter these in.. and anyway you’re right. it’s actually like ALL multinational ridiculous it makes you wanna laugh. this guy, for your info, is a leader in one of the parties’ youth segment – it’s all a show for political reasons… 😉

    thx for dropping by! take care all the way there!

  3. Leon said,

    Oh, oh, the gorilla is chest thumping again. Quick everyone, look scared.

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