August 1, 2006

Passion and Ideals

Posted in Reflections, Religion at 10:05 pm by egalitaria

What is there to live for if not with passion?

What guide can one live life upon if not on principles and ideals?  Is there another way to live, really?

Should it come as a surprise to many people that some really do work according to the vocations of their choice? That indeed, enjoyment and passion drive some to perform their best? This is Marxist in nature, since Marx himself said that work was the fulfilment of all mankind. In work one would truly find oneself – a very short paraphrase of course.

This also has biblical grounding. Christians believe that on the 7th day, God rested, because He was satisfied with His creations. After each of His creations, He was satisfied and saw that it was good. I see this as a reflection of what we ought to be as well – satisfied with what we do. In the “creating” or carving out of something, anything, in life – we ought to do it with full passion and at its fruition, stand back and feel with utmost satisfaction the joy of a work completed.

Likewise, in the sphere of Work and Life, one should derive equal pleasure from one’s creations – may it be a statistical chart, a product design, an econometric model, a research project, an article written, a painting, a poem, an electronic switchboard… may all these contribute to the joy of being human… and ultimately, “made in His image”. We are made to create and experience the joy of having completed a good work!

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