August 3, 2006

Turn to the Arts!

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Every now and then, I get increasingly disillusioned with the state of what we strive for.

Yet, every now and then, simple things colour and liven your day, perfectly or im.

Listening to a compilation of Malaysian artistes, a CD of 24 songs called “Voices From Next Door”… songs on life, love and survival by Malaysian Singer Songwriters. It’s not mainstream music, which is why I like it actually. This is the Keane-Coldplay-Damien Rice sort of music that I fall deeply in love with. (Keane is coming to Bangkok, by the way!) Some songs are not really worth listening to, but some others are brilliant. So proud of our local scene.

When all else fails, turn to the arts scene. Troubadours is a group of independent musicians who play live regularly – instrumental in compiling this CD. It is inspiring to see people making things happen, converse to what happens in that other big structure – the building starting with the letter “P” and whose picture is on our ringgit notes.

When all else fails, turn to theatre. Read the review on kakiseni here – a play put up by Five Arts Centre over the next three days called “In 1969”, a tale of unrequited love based in 1969 – a controversial year in Malaysian history.

At least these people have the courage to do something proactive instead of endless debating and talkshop that amount to zilch. Kudos to the Malaysian arts scene….

And when all else fails for me, I will too turn to the arts. Perhaps sooner.



  1. Leon said,

    I tell you, I was so demoralized this merdeka. I couldn’t even bring myself to put the usual flag or merdeka sticker on my car.

    Really I worry about this country daily, our status as a tiger economy is fading away, we have no competitive edge to position ourselves in this global economy. The government advertised that it would allot RM 3.8 Million for R&D, what a joke! We need to get ourselves a strategy and positioning besides manufacturing, ICT or Cars which China, India and Thailand have conquered – and the government allots pocket change for what some are citing is the only possible hope we may have in the growing competitive globalized world. It could be though that the government is being more realistic than I, after all, with our current brain drain and preoccupation with keeping the market share of graduates a certain race and of a certain affiliation, which MNC’s in their right mind would want to set up a major R&D Facility with us?

    Apart from the economy, my heart really waxed cold of all patriotism when our prime minister shut down the Article 11 dialogues with such a brutish broad stroke that even the innocent interfaith dialogues (once encouraged by him) were shut down as well. *sigh*

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