October 1, 2006

Peering In

Posted in Reflections, The Cause at 1:13 am by egalitaria

It is those occasions in life that make or break you, that form pivotal points. A birth, a death. A marriage, a fatal break-up. A spiritual experience. An epiphany about self. The choice of political affiliation. One’s life vocation.

Many times we have not the opportunity to peer into another’s periods of change.

And yet, when we do, we often lack the presence of mind to fully appreciate or internalise it.

A choice for affiliation in any one sphere means making a stand against all other options. It is a noble choice, and one must learn to live by it. There will be multiple versions of a choice, yet with (hopefully developed) minds God has graced us with, we must, must decide. Or you will forever be peering into another person’s life, another person’s story, with none of your own to tell.

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