October 2, 2006

Two Worlds not apart

Posted in Personal, The Cause at 10:23 pm by egalitaria

A couple of my friends have taken the dive to get hitched recently. Strange because these flashbacks of playing in fields and cycling without a care in the world seem so near, as if I could just wake up in that old world again. But no, the time has come for them to start planning for new families and in fertile periods, produce little football teams that will hopefully enjoy idyllic years.

But in people’s obsession with self, family, career and money (not that I condemn anyone for these things especially the latter two – they are important for self-sustenance as well), they forget that the larger perspective of the economy and political health of the country affect them. I do wish I could use a cattle prod and jolt people into realising the impact of current affairs in their personal lives. And the responsibility each person has in caring for one’s family, society and country. Doing the opposite is merely selfish.

But perhaps it is good after all to live in a dream world. Sometimes, childhood and teenagehood can offer more beauty and pleasure to life than all the years of adulthood put together. So speaketh I of the balance in life. Ah, to have the secret eternal me cultivated but never at the expense of societal involvement – no, the perfect combination of both…

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