October 2, 2006

Mainstream Muslims

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Just what is a mainstream Muslim? Is he a ‘moderate’ Muslim? Is there such thing as a moderate Muslim? (is there such thing as a moderate Christian?)

The Muslim NGO Coalition Pembela submitted a memorandum with more than 700,000 signatures collected over a period of 3 months to state their calls to the government. Among others, they want the government to be stricter and more hardlined in action against groups that supposedly taint the name of Islam in Malaysia, groups like the IFC and Article 11. Whoa!! Hold your horses, brudder!

One of the submissions is to also AMEND Article 11 in the Constitution, which talks about freedom of religion in Malaysia – such that it will be in line with the syariah laws.

Should the basic freedom of religion not be granted if Islam labels itself a religion of peace and goodwill?

One of their spokespersons said that this clears up the confusion of who the “mainstream Muslim is” – the Muslim who has signed this memorandum. (Hmm, I wonder why 700,000 signatures in a country with a population of >60% Muslims confirms beyond all doubt this is the face of a Muslim)

And yet amidst all this there is not a squeak from any quarter when such an act clearly spells out “danger ahead” for our multiracial and multireligious population. Are there not any warning bells clanging in your head like Captain Von Trapp and Maria’s wedding bells? I wish there was such a device I could use to alert people.

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