October 3, 2006

Animal Farm

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Orwell wrote a long time ago that “all are born equal, but some are more equal than others”. In his book, the pigs took over the animal farm, in an amusing play of characters and dialogue – all pointing towards the failure of communism. Although the tale speaks of the danger of overthrowing the government in seeking a more equal society, themes are still relevant today. In particular, you observe the horrors of a totalitarian regime – one that dictates rules and regulations ‘just because’, and with no further explanation necessary.

In the book, the character ‘Squealer’ is able to convince the animals that it was for their sake that the pigs (the designated leaders) ate most of the apples and drank most of the milk, that leadership was “heavy responsibility” and therefore the animals should be thankful for their leader Napoleon. In essence, being in a position of leadership allows you to do stupid things and at the same time convince the people that you’re really doing it for their sake.

Oh, spare me the laughs!

Now, does this sound all too familiar? Is it for our sakes that a portion of society gets to eat more apples and drink more milk? Hmm, perhaps we will need some logic lessons here if this is the argument put forward. The slice of the pie is never equal. The pigs have managed to convince the rest of us animals in this farm that this is the way it’s going to be for a long time yet, and that is for the GOOD of the people.

No arguing, no talking about it, because it is a sensitive topic. One can not ever argue with Napoleon, or ANY of his little Napoleons. Anyone belonging to the Napoleon/swine family is considered sacred. Any relative – through blood or marriage – can eat more apples and drink more milk.

And so it is in Malaysia. All races are born equal but some are more equal than others.


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  1. hedonese said,

    I downloaded the book 1984 from the net but could not find animal farm… and MPH costs way too much!

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