October 3, 2006


Posted in Malaysia at 10:57 pm by egalitaria

Old men who cannot rest

Who put their nations to the test

Who think they want to give their final best

But fail.

Old men with skin that sags

But blunt tongues that whisper, wag

Give no time for fools that lag

Except their sons.

Old men argue old debates,

Harping bridge and water rates,

Old friends’ mates but enemies hate,

Tomorrow’s fate.

Across the seas you are like me,

But views alike we cannot see,

Beat to the death – though we’d really be,

Same blood.


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  1. Kevin said,

    “When you’re young, you want to change the world. When you’re old you want to the change the youth!” – quoted by someone I can’t recall.

    Hey Trish, how’ve you been doing? Haven’t been to your blog in a while. How was the play on Thurs? Cameron’s was good over the weekend. Feeling more and more convicted to effect change via social action. Take care yah!


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