October 12, 2006

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I thank those who have posted words of comfort and support in the midst of this crazy fiasco. I am testimony that it is possible to remain calm, as the eye in the storm, by responding in a rational manner. Thanks to the big guy up there (and I don’t mean the leader of the country). The forum two nights ago was interesting, bringing together the country’s popular bloggers: Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua, Shahrizal, Nik Nazmi, Khoo Kay Peng (political analyst), Oon Yeoh and of course not forgetting Uncle Kit himself (Lim Kit Siang).

A host of pressing issues were brought up, but I think what was most relevant that people could bring home with them, was how the Internet is going to affect the next Elections. No doubt blog-hopping is now classified as a valid “pastime” by some people, and it will be no different come 2008/2009 during our Pilihanraya. People visit blogs and online news sites to get updated and alternative sources of information. They rely on opinion leaders in their various blogs.

According to Jeff Ooi, the Minister of Information gets two files sent to him at the end of each day to look through. The first is a file on mainstream media, the second on alternative media. In the second you have your online Malaysiakinis, blogs and opinions/comments of the public, I’m sure. These are read through diligently everyday. So imagine what sort of impact the Internet is going to have in local politics.

My advice is for those who are already blogging, to quit talking so much about what they’ve done today. People don’t really care about what colour hair dye you have on now. And even if they do, is it really all that important to publicise?

No, I hope that we would focus on issues. It doesn’t have to necessarily be related to the political atmosphere in the country, but talk about what interests you – religion, race, God, poverty, the list is endless. Think about what sort of change you might want to exact, if not in your generation, in the next to come. What sort of ideas for the blog hoppers, for your friends, if not the leaders of the country?

Here’s to the Internet.. and its great, great potential!


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  1. Hedonese said,

    Three cheers to independent journalism!

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